Specialised Training for Professionals

Specialised Training for Professionals

With this option, the Lead Instructor will conduct a brief interview with our client to determine the needs and goals of the group being trained. A specifically designed programme will result from this interview. Training can cover a broad range of Krav Maga techniques, or it can be more specific, focusing on one aspect of Krav Maga, such as defense against knife attacks. If desired we can also provide classes on basic survival skills when traveling in hostile environments or when if taken hostage. This option is intended for:.
> Law Enforcement & security training.
> Aviation – Air Marshals & flight crew
> Media – crews & journalists working in hostile enviroments
> Embassy personnel
> Night clubs Staff
> Any other working professionals who potentially may need to defend themselves against attack


Determined by length of training and number of participants.
Note: Training period can be from a few hours to a few days.

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