Level 1 Instructor Course

Level 1 Instructor Course

Course Requirements:
Start your career as an instructor with the right tools and advice to become Krav Maga Instructor:
Course Requirements:
> KMME senior instructor approval required.
> Must be 20 years or older.
> Must be physically fit.
> No criminal record.
> Must hold 1 or 2 certificate in Martial Arts.
> Basic first aid & CPR certificate or first person on scane.
> Law enforcement or military personal welcomed.
> All participants must pass the tests in order to receive the certification.
Course Details:
> Level 1 certification upon completion of the course.
> One year training after the completion of the course in order to move for level 2 instructor course.
> Materials will be provided to all participants.
> 50% Discount to access all workshops for development and support.


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