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Qualifications in Security Training:


Security Instructor. European Security Academy. Poland
Highfield Level 3 Award in Delivering Training. Elite Academy. UK
Diploma in Aviation Security Management. Edith Cowan University. Australia
Tactical Restraints Instructor. ASP .Armament Systems and Procedures. USA
Certified Air Marshal Restraint Solutions. Krav Maga Federation. USA
Certified Law Enforcement Restraint Solutions. Krav Maga Federation. USA
Certified Krav Maga instructor. KMG Krav Maga Global. Level 1. USA
Certified Krav Maga panim al panim. Global British KAPAP. Level 3. UK
Krav Maga for VIPs. KMG  Krav Maga Global (Netherlands)
Certified Close Protection Operative. European Security Academy. Poland
Certified First Person On scene. European Security Academy. Poland
Red Belt in Hapkido, Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation, UAE



Qualifications in Fitness:


Bachelor of Sports Sciences. Egypt
Diploma in Fitness Training. USA
Diploma in Specialist Performance Nutrition. USA
Certified Rehab Trainer. Australia
Certified TRX Suspension Training. UAE
Certified RIP TRX Rotation Integration and Power Training. USA
Certified ViPR Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning. UK
Certified Master Trainer of ViPR. UAE
Certified Kettlebells. UAE
Certified Kinesis. UAE


Current Job:

Representative and Instructor at European Security Academy in Middle East (Dubai)
Close Protection Operative (freelance) 


Achievements as Instructor

1.Achieve first place on South African Navy Physical Trainer Part 1Course.
2. Achieve first place on South African Navy Physical Trainer Part 2 Course.
3. Certification from SANDF College of Educational Technology in Occupational
Directed Education, Training and Development.
4. Chief Trainer on South African Special Forces seaborne courses.
5. Course Leader South African Special Forces Advanced Coxswain course.


Military Achievements

1.Physical Training Instructor on Basic course SA Navy.
2. Physical Training Instructor on Officers Course SA Navy.
3. Qualify as Special Forces Operator in South African National Defence Force.
4. Qualify as Seaborne Special Forces Operator in South African National Defence


Civilian Security Qualifications

1.Close Protection Officer (European Security Academy)
       Relevant Experience
1. CQB certificate from High Risk Combat Training.
2. CQBcertificatefromBAS
3. Combatsystem (ESA)

Current Employment

1.Freelance military trainer in weapons and tactics.
2. FreelanceCloseProtection/ExecutiveProtectionOperative.



is the Foreign Relations Manager of FDKM Police Combat System. A martial arts enthusiastic, he started as a child with Judo, competing at regional level, then he approached Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Krav Maga (KM), Ninjutsu and Israeli Ju Jitsu (IJJ). Being also a survival passionate, he is also national survival instructor under Avventura Team (Italian national academy).

JKD experience

Student of Alex Pugliano (Progressive Fighting System). Training in USA (California) with: Paul Vunak and Thomas Cruse (Progressive Fighting System), Harinder Singh (JKD Athletic Association), Nino Pilla (Dan Inosanto Academy).

KM experience

3rd level Instructor under FDKM Police Combat System with specialized in KM Police, KM Women, KM Military, Firearms Israeli Tactical Combat Shooting Pistol and Mixed Operations Techniques.
Close Protection Operations Israeli doctrine Level 1 in collaboration with Geni-Ax and SCP – Sector Close Protection.
2nd level Instructor under Krav Maga Federation of Master Alain Cohen.
Training in USA directly with the legend Master Darren Levine, founder of the Krav Maga Worldwide.

IJJ experience

Intensive courses with Master Mati Elyashiv.


Accredited Security Instructor (Philippine National Police PNP-SAGSD)
Water Safety and Rescue Operator and Instructor
Registered Architect and Army Reserved Engineering Instructor
Black Belt in Karate (Japan Karate Association)
Black Belt in Judo (Philippine Judo Association)
Black Belt in Combat Aikido (Philippine Combat Aikido Federation)
Muay Thai; Boxing; Kali-Eskrima Practitioner
Krav Maga Global and Krav Maga Worldwide Practitioner
Qualified Beach Life Guard / Emergency Life Support- CPR- First Aid


Security Instructor Restraint and Constraint Procedures: Hand to Hand Combat)
Instructor in Karate; Judo; and Combat Aikido
Instructor in Water Safety and Sea Survival.


Education & Certificates
- Bachelor of Sports Science (Kung-Fu Training), Egypt.
- University Diploma in Aviation Security Management. Edith Cowan University, Australia.
- Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training. Career Sports Fitness
Academy, U.K.
- Certified Krav Maga Instructor Level 1. Krav Maga Middle East, UAE.
- Certified TRX Suspension Trainer. Mefitpro, UAE.
- Registered REPs Level 3, UAE.
- Certified First Aid, UAE.
Martial Arts Background
- Practiced Kung Fu Sanshou for 11 years.
- 3 Kung Fu championships.
Current Occupation
- Krav Maga Instructor & Personal Trainer.



-Post Graduate in sport management - Hammer smith university -London- UK
-Bachelor in sports and sport education - INEPS - Tunisie
-Black belt 4th Dan in JUDO
-Participant in Kodokan -Japan
-Black belt in Kung-Fu (Giao Long Vo Dao) Moroccan federation for mixed martial arts
-Black belt in JIUJUTSU - Royce Grade Academy
-First Aid, AED.CPR - American heart association



-Certified Krav Maga Instructor, Level 1
-Practiced three and a half years of Taekwondo ITF up to Blue Belt Proficiency
-Certified Yoga RYT200 Instructor with Yoga International
-Certified in First Aid, UAE
-Certified in Anatomy and Physiology, CIBTAC International
-Certified Massage Therapist, CIBTAC International